About Us

'Dev Appartments’ was founded in 1981 under the stewardship of Chairman, Mr. Venugopal and Managing Director, Mr. Devakumar, a leading light of the real estate industry in Chennai. Since its inception, ‘Dev Appartments’ has set the highest standards for itself amidst great challenges and struggles

Through the years, it has grown into one of the most reliable and reputed real estate firms in the city acclaimed for its transparent business practices, novel innovations and excellence.

The journey over the last four decades has seen the company excel both in residential and commercial domains by building more than 150 notable and impressive projects inclusive of independent houses, apartments, schools in Chennai, meeting up to the obvious needs of the changing generation and lifestyle thereby earning innumerable delighted and satisfied customers.

From the Founder's Desk

"Providing Value for money is our ultimate goal"

By P.G.Venugopal, Chairman

"We build every single house to our customers with no compromise in quality as a respect to one's hard earned money and sacrifice"

By P.V.Devakumar, MD

We, at Dev Appartments aim to be the pillar of success and are unparalleled when it comes to the Real Estate business. Our goal is to succeed, enabling our diverse team of valued employees to hold great accountability towards our prized customers. Dev Appartments aims with integrity, diversification, consistency, high standards, principles, and outstanding customer service.

We strive to inspire a positive and lasting impact.

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