How Working from Home Is Changing the Way We Think About Where We Live?

How Working from Home Is Changing the Way We Think About  Where We Live?

COVID19 Pandemic which is still spreading like a wildfire has shaken the whole world and taught us plenty of good lessons to one and all.

The corporate world which was following mundane business practices changed its business model completely after the COVID19 pandemic allowing its existing employees to work from home.

In the USA, almost 60% of the employees working in established companies are working from their homes and supporting their organization. That being the case, even branded business establishments and corporate houses operating from Asian countries have given instructions to their employees to work from home.

“According to the recent statistics revealed by leading international market research agencies, the firms which are involved in real estate, logistics and supply chain management have instructed their brokers, commission agents and other employees to work from home”

Around 55% of employees working in real estate companies are working from their homes without commuting to their offices and do their work with a focused mindset.

Advanced Online Marketing Tools Help Marketing Agents and Brokers

An interesting fact which has come as a surprise to home buyers and financial institutions is that millions of business transactions especially that of land and property buying and selling takes place hassle-free on prominent websites, affiliated channels and mobile devices. It is worth noting that advanced mobile and android devices have come as a blessing to the business world and commoners.

Since the majority of the workforce in the world are working from their respective home, the employees find time to explore websites that deal with real estate buying and selling. They connect with the right real estate intermediaries, bargain the rates and complete their deal hassle deal.

Working professionals are showing interest to purchase spacious luxury apartments that come with maximum facilities and amenities since they spend most of their time in their homes. The recent surveys also provide interesting information that around 70% of the unemployed youth and also individuals working in the corporate world look for flexible work options.

Employed Individuals May Invest Heavily On Luxurious Properties

Unlike before employment opportunities have increased drastically after the lockdown was announced by the government. Tens of thousands of people are generating maximum income and leading a luxurious life. Plenty of them is showing interest to purchase luxurious properties soon which is a good sign during this economic slowdown.

Some people are planning to invest heavily on villa types of houses or individual bungalows to rent out their properties. The rental price of two- and three-bedroom apartments have increased multi-fold in all major urban cities after the COVID break and working professionals are showing interest to invest in luxurious properties.

“People living in all parts of the world were expecting extreme economic recession and slow down after the pandemic breakout. But on the contrary, the cost prices of residential properties did not fall that steeply”

Now, the working men and women are scouting brand new two- and three-bedroom flats that come with expansive rooms.

Work from Home Options has Boosted the Positive Spirits

Nil or reduced commutation to office has increased the energy levels and positivity of the employees. It is imperative to note that almost all the top-level and lower-rung employees are working actively from their homes and dedicating maximum time on their allotted work.

You can start seeing plenty of positive twists and sudden surprises in the world of real estate world in the future since business organisation are planning to shift the work base of their existing employees to their respective homes.

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