Impact of New Normal Buying Experience on Real Estate

Impact of New Normal Buying Experience on Real Estate

Industries, supply chain, logistics, shipping and all other business organization that was making huge profits suffered losses and are still grappling in the dark to improve their production and profits.

The situation have changed tremendously after the government infused stimulus package to all the industries and commercial establishments. Even the real estate industry which was seeing consistent growth a year back witnessed a temporary setback due to COVID19.

Good news for builders and investors is that the market prices of vacant residential plots and ready-to-move-in residential properties are steadily increasing.

If you are planning to invest a huge amount on fixed assets, then you should decide to buy expansive residential plots or apartments. Interestingly, the market value of commercial properties has also increased during this pandemic time. Stop thinking and choose to buy properties constructed within the city limits and resell when the prices increase soon.

Digital Marketing Have Helped Real Estate Developers

The majority of the real estate developers and promoters are using online, digital and social media marketing techniques for selling properties in the rapidly growing of Chennai.

If you are planning to invest your money in brand new 4 BHK house or fully-furnished homes in Chennai, then this is the perfect time for such properties.

Investors who purchased three- and four-bedroom apartments from top-notch builders in Chennai. Major transformations are taking place in digital technology and most of the players in the field of real estate will start using trending digital marketing and social media marketing methods and sell their properties to new clients.

Homebuyers Can Use Innovatively Designed Online Schemes

A piece of interesting news is that the branded builders and real estate developers are consistently introducing innovative schemes and trying to improve their online sales.

Homebuyers can book their brand-new Villa for sale in Chennai hassle-free. Promoters are launching appealing schemes and are seriously involved in brand promotions.

You may miss these types of introductory launch schemes and start investing heavily in other projects. Builders organize virtual tours where the homebuyer can thoroughly scale the properties for sale in Chennai before buying the best ones.

Lot of advancements are happening in the world of real estate and reputed builders headquartered in the city of Chennai and suburbs are embracing the trends happening in it. Investors can enjoy special deals and discounts when they choose online classified portals that list houses for sale in Chennai. 

Benefits of Lowest EMI Plans and Long Repayment Tenures

Home loans offered by reputed banks and financiers come with the lowest interest rates and flexible repayment options. This is the right time to purchase properties constructed near ECR since you can expect the best appreciation in the long run.

“A recent market analysis revealed that the floor prices of luxury properties constructed near ECR will see a massive jump of up to 47% within a few years if the present crisis comes to an end”

Real estate companies are keeping their fingers crossed and aiming to mobilize their property sales. NRIs and others who are keen to buy two- or three-bedroom apartments in Mylapore, Adyar, Abiramapuram and Kottur should approach reputed builders who offer lowest floor prices for newly built properties.

Aggressive Real Estate Sales Predicted Soon

The Tamil Nadu government has identified SEZ with an ambitious plan to start brand new factories, engineering division and industrial estates in these zones.

The property prices will surely increase in all parts of Chennai since millions of people from other states will migrate to this city and buy the best properties that come with fantastic amenities and facilities.

How to Purchase Semi-Furnished and Fully-Furnished Apartments?

You can avail benefits under Prime Minister Housing Schemes and enjoy maximum rebates on loans and prices. Builders are arranging free site visits to sell their ready-to-move-in and on-going projects.

NRIs can also buy luxury properties from branded builders and architects and resell them to others after a few months or years. There are industrial towns near to Chennai which sees plenty of commercial activities like Sriperumbudur, Navalur, Oragadam and Tambaram.

The floor prices of newly built semi-furnished and fully-furnished apartments will increase drastically since Chennai will become the hub for industrial activities.

If you are desirous to purchase two or multi-room semi or fully furnished luxury apartments in the city of Chennai, then there are certain factors that you should take into account before paying the down payment and some of them are.

  • Inspect the construction site physically and get a better insight about the facilities and amenities.
  • Explore the floor plans, sale agreement and all other legal papers connected with the project.
  • Analyze the physical hazards prevailing in the construction area.
  • Drinking and commercial water supply facilities in the selected area.
  • A legal opinion from reputed attorneys.
  • Negotiate the price
  • Transportation facilities, shops, schools and banks near the location.

Never take hasty decisions and buy an apartment in Chennai without analyzing the pros and cons of the structure and location. You will be the ultimate loser if you make hasty decisions during the purchase of apartments or individual houses.

How to Choose the Best Builders in Chennai?

In Chennai, particularly in the urban zones, you can find hundreds of construction companies that project as best builders in Chennai. You should choose a builder only after taking into consideration the following factors.

  • Reputation and brand popularity of the builder
  • Number of projects completed and sold by the builder
  • Morality, loyalty and professional approach.
  • Guidelines and business standards followed by the builder
  • Contractual obligations and honesty of the builder.

It is worth mentioning that prices of single and double-bedroom semi and fully-furnished apartments have gone down due to lock-down and the investors can save huge amounts of money when they buy an apartment from reputed builders.

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