Top 5 Reasons why “ECR” is the best place to invest in property

Top 5 Reasons why “ECR” is the best place to invest in property

Here beneath are a couple of factors which has helped ECR in gaining a great deal of attention

1. Fast Development: ECR which otherwise is popularly known as State Highway 49 and is accepted to be the most scenic coastal highway. ECR is associated with the southern Highway through’ Pondicherry. The idea was to create infrastructure, facilitate inter-state connectivity and lift tourist development. This demonstrated effective as the small villages from Thiruvanmiyur till Mahabalipuram like Palavakkam, Nilangarai, Injambakkam, Muttukadu and Kovalam are created as favoured places for real estate investments

2. Easy Access to OMR: OMR also known as the IT corridor is in closeness to ECR. Both OMR and ECR are associated well. Taking into account that OMR houses the greater part of the cities software ventures and remembering that much Chennaites work in those, Investing in a property at ECR will certainly lessen a ton of worry in the commutation front. The 4 lane highway reduces traffic congestion and makes travelling easy. The closeness of OMR also plays a vital job in the commitment of property appreciation.

3. Quiet and Scenic: Most of the metropolitan cities experience the ill effects of a ton of contamination and it has a great impact on the health causing unwanted complications. The infrastructure and development run hand in hand with the Scenic beauty of the place. Rich greenery, as well as the necessary amount of urbanization, maintains a balance. The sea along the road also gives a beautiful cross breeze making the atmosphere contamination free. The beach along the coast will act as the absolute best location for a run or even some physical activities

4. Recreational Activities: Villas in ECR has several places of interests like amusement parks, water sports, farmhouses and a plethora of fun activities. Since ECR is on the coastline, there is a great deal of water sport activities like surfing, parasailing, sailing, scuba diving and swimming which have gotten quite popular in the ongoing past. Hardly any long periods of drive, you could probably head down to Mahabalipuram or even Pondicherry for a fun end of the week.

5. Amenities: Like any other place in the city, there is no dearth for amenities in ECR. The basic need shops, shopping edifices, medical facilities, and educational institutions and makes the place worth of comfortable living.

ECR is as of now is drifting high with regards to property investment. ECR is constantly creating and down the line, it probably will be a standout amongst the most looked for after places. Several real estate engineers in Chennai have proposed various undertakings. The Equal balance between nature and urbanization is what that makes ECR so special. From basic needs to anything fancy, you have it all. A beautiful beach house or a farmhouse will undoubtedly change your life.

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