• 10Aug 2020
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Impact of New Normal Buying Experience on Real Estate

Industries, supply chain, logistics, shipping and all other business organization that was making huge profits suffered losses and are still…

  • 5Aug 2020
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Villas for Sale in Chennai- A Complete Guide for Home Buyers

Newly built property values in the city of Chennai have seen a drastic increase and hopefully, the same trend will…

  • 30July 2020
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How Working from Home Is Changing the Way We Think About Where We Live?

COVID19 Pandemic which is still spreading like a wildfire has shaken the whole world and taught us plenty of good…

  • 25July-2020
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Top 5 Reasons why “ECR” is the best place to invest in property

Here beneath are a couple of factors which has helped ECR in gaining a great deal of attention 1. Fast…

  • 20July-2020
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Rules for construction along the coast – Coastal Regulation Zone

The Court has lately directed for the destruction of few buildings in Chennai, for infringing Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) norms.…

  • 15July-2020
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How new options in GST impact the Construction and Real Estate Sector?

The approval of the optional scheme for under-construction projects was really a long-awaited request of the real estate industry. The…

  • 10July-2020
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What are the important things to consider before buying your own house?

Buying own house is a significant event in one's life. In today's scenario, a large amount is required to acquire…

  • 5July-2020
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5 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Builder

The most vital choice you will make headed straight toward your custom home is picking the correct builder. Pick well…

  • 30June-2020
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Decoding Real Estate Terms

Before you kickstart the way toward purchasing your fantasy home, it is imperative to comprehend the regularly utilized phrasings and…

  • 25June-2020
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The Growth Of Real Estate Sector During Covid-19

COVID-19 has become a global pandemic and people are always in the grip of fear and panic since the outbreak…

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